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PROPANE CUSTOMERS!!  Please Refer a Friend... Get $100 Credit on Your Account.

Here's the requirements and the form. Please read each requirement carefully to avoid disqualification. Completed forms should be mailed to the Ceres Solutions Central Office at 2112 Indianapolis Road, Crawfordsville IN 47933.

  • Referring customer must complete and sign a card or this printed page (provided). No other format accepted.
  • Referring customer understands the reward ($100) is a credit to their existing account, not cash.
  • First person to refer is the only one who is eligible for a reward.
  • A "new customer" is defined as one who has not purchased propane gas from Ceres Solutions for two years.
  • Person who becomes a new customer must be qualified, and on keep full status.
  • Person who becomes a new customer must be within Ceres Solutions trade area.
  • Person who becomes new customer must complete, print out, sign and return this Credit Application. (application)
  • Our office must receive the Referral Card within two weeks of the Credit Application. No "retroactive referrals" allowed.
  • Person who becomes new customer must have that Credit Application approved by our Credit Department. 
  • Whew! Thanks for reading all the fine print! :) We just want to avoid misunderstandings.  And thanks for making a referral. 


You may have seen this card (right) at your branch.


If you are a customer who wants to REFER A FRIEND, you can obtain a copy from your fuel professional or download a printable copy.  Be sure to complete the top portion with your information (and sign it!) Then complete the shaded portion with your friend's information. A copy is availalable to you by clicking here.

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