You can rely on Ceres Solutions year-round for high-performing products and a helpful team of energy specialists.

Farms, Fleets, Schools: Get More Per Gallon

  • Trust premium diesel fuel with consistent, superior quality to help your commercial and agricultural engines get more out of every drop-- that means longer hauls or tilling more acres per gallon.
  • We’re committed to pro-American energy solutions, so we market bio-diesel, as well as ethanol blends such as E-10. E85 is available at our Crawfordsville and Rensselaer stations.
  • We also sell CountryMark PLUS gasoline, which is in the Top Tier class. Top Tier is a class of gasoline containing enhanced detergency that exceeds the current EPA intake valve deposit standards. This allows for optimum performance for fuel-injected engines through better fuel economy, cleaner air, longer engine life, unsurpassed anti-corrosion protection, and fuel stability.

Lubes for Worry-free Performance

  • The CountryMark Advantage lubricant line is stocked in bulk, totes and packages.
  • Visit with your fuel professional about what Advantage can do for you.

Full-Service Propane from Trusted Local Pros

  • Assured warmth and comfort of propane for your residence or business
  • Convenience of multiple payment options—including the Propane Budget Plan, prepay plans, and standard net terms.
  • Propane system safety testing that encompasses pressure tests and leak flow lock-up.
  • Propane referral program to grow our business among your friends and family. It pays to refer a friend! 

Cultivating Results

Our knowledgeable delivery personnel are well versed in these energy products and are committed to providing safe, responsive service. Ask us about our forward contracts that allow you to lock in long-term fuel and propane prices, an invaluable tool that can help you manage risks during times of strong fuel demand.

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